YO! ..2018 .. sup??!!!!

so .. it's 2018 already .. i was wondering if you guys are still going strong in et
and still keep on playing this game?! .. still active? .. still cups .. lans .. etc pp ???
any comebacks .. whats up so far??? .. and does anyone of the RtCW/ET scene play in the OWL ? :D
still waiting for some kuraigu-music, till then: shots trinken
they're all on my soundcloud page, bruh ;)
lEkuREPLY 6 Jan 2018, 11:35
wtf is up with these "is et still alive?" questions every time when some old player comes back to play the game for 2 hours? cant u just browse this site for 2 minutes and see that theres even a lan announcement made 2 weeks ago

want some cheese to your whine, kiddo?
Quote by WikipediaThe hypothetical person lacking a sense of humour would likely find the behaviour inducing it to be inexplicable, strange, or even irrational.
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yo craig :D wir sind wieder hier. spielen abends meist 3o3 oder mehr, wenns mehr werden.
active is smth else. but at least still ppl playing it.
du zockst wieder??? nix mehr vinyl spinnen? :D
dann werd ich mal im irc demnaechst rein schauen
haha ab und zu. Musik mach ich immer noch.
hängen jetzt im irc rum
maschine was geht :) ???
Heard you tried to start a fight with smaller guys than you for no reason on CC5 or CC6, some czechs, green_clon and co. Is that true?
nicht viel .. ow zocken .. chillen .. etc pp :)
und bei dir un der kru?
heard there was some k a w a i i lan in japan
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