Public spawntimes

Are 12secs allies & 15secs axis spawntimes stupid idea for a public?

Discuss why yes in the comments below @onion
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Yes definitely
should be even less on a "deathmatch" public
On a regular basis there is 30 seconds respawn time for Axis, as 20 second respawn time for Allies.
Calc axis:allies ratio: 30/20 = 1.50

For now, respawns are set to 12 seconds for team allies, and 18 seconds for team axis. (12 * 1.50 = 18).
The ratio remains the same.

1) you play more, and wait less ( most of players are non-professional players )
2) public should be fun, why someone need to wait 30 seconds
3) most of regular professional players are not playing anymore
4) laagues and matches are not played anymore

There is no reason to keep original competition settings.

On short spawn, game gets more dynamic, and game weight point is moved more to central part of map, instead of axis defending part.
Short example: on sw_goldrush_te or braundorf_b4 with 30 seconds respawn time for team axis its almost impossible to play and have fun for team axis. With short spawn its harder for allies, its bigger challenge and more interesting game.
had to log in just to comment this.

while the spawn ratio stays the same the gameplay is completely fucked up. short axis spawn times just makes almost any stage overpowered by axis. since axis spawn 2 times while allies can even walk near axis spawn it makes attacking like pain in the ass.

1. yes you play more but the game is dynamics are fucked up
2. learn to actually defend that map, then you stay alive for more than 5s
3. lack of players shouldnt make you change gaming dynamics to match your opinions. you'll never get those "better" players back to that server while you make the gameplay like that
4. not valid point in any way

if you have problems with one team overpowering the other you should add automatic shuffle after each round and not change the gaming dynamics. maybey the game is more interesting for you but for me personally, after playing mostly wars for quite some time, this just isnt working.

and dont even get me started about finishing sw_gr after fixing the tank -,-
I honestly do think that for public servers the ratio doesn't quite work out for shorter spawn periods. Should rather make it 1 to 2, such as 10 and 20, in order to give the attacking team a chance, since they rely on the period of time between the spawns in order to get plants down etc.
Well... lol

I just cannot belive what I just read but lets take a closer look into this subject:
Quote1) You play more, and wait less (most of players non-professional players)

- nah actually the total map timelimit is how long you play on it or when attacking team do the objective. But maybe I don't know about something.
But seriously, I was always convinced that players wait as long as the next reinforcement time let him/her spawn according to ability of time control and makes strategic decisions - if any persist... if not, let new players (noobs) chances to make/discover them.

Quote2) public should be fun, why someone need to wait 30 seconds

- I like when some new admins comes out of nowhere to the community and make such random statements and trying to force changes on everyone.
Players get what and how they play. It's a beauty of the gameplay, if player has spawn each 20/30 sec he/she needs to focus to not get killed on unbeneficial time. There is a reason why such a long spawntimes persist since many years - because it's well ballanced and also people has to play carefull since this game is NOT only about the brainless shooting but also time control (right moment of attacking/sk) and map control (envorinment/positioning/capturing the area) and teamwork (lol@public - but hey - sometimes players join together with mate/s from TS and pseudo-teamplay with each other).
So if we continue thinking that way we get into conclusion "why players has to wait at the first place at all?" "It's a public it suppost to be fun!" "No waiting at all" But still remember about ratio 1:5 !!!111oneone
So be it:
allied 2 seconds
axis 3 seconds
ratio 1.5, less waiting. Actually, No wait at all - I think it's even better.
Math don't lie!
Noobs will still whine and complain - it's a settings issue - trust me.

Quote3) Most of regular professional players are not playing anymore

Well, we definitely need more random changes - that will help to bring them once more! I mean DRASTIC CHANGES. More ammo supplies at spawn, spawnshield 15seconds (to not get killed by some random support@spawn and let noob players greater chances to survive), and 200hp because no more professional players anymore - longer live longer play. And don't forget about limited selfkill it's important, and also self destruct on selfkill during duel! Also autokick on shooting to spawn-shielded enemy, and application form on forum to have VIP status in-game for bigger penis.

Quote4) Laagues and matches are not played anymore

I would like to answer this question but I don't know the word "Laagues" - this probably has to do smth with Laags, not normal lags, but long laags - with "ues", hmm "ues" maybe he ment "use"? So Laag-use, new follower of shrug cheat tool. Thats too much. No idea. Sorry. Random argument.
I heard that fast typers don't have to follow rules... grammatical rules - especially admins, because they create new one. ":D"

And last one which is after 4th random argument is the best:
QuoteThere is no reason to keep original competition

Well yes! I suggest to play on g_speed 1000, g_gravity 1000, with transparent-glass textures instead walls (this will equalize the chances against the whackers) and don't forget about witch on rifle who has ability to fly (only 1 per team) lets fucking make this game closer to over 9000 dragonball dynamic level - who gives a shit anyway?

- Shorter spawns (2 to 3 with aspect ratio 1.5!!111oneone)
- Game gets more (ultra) dynamic
- super-sayian massacre will move even more centralized to main part of the map

My summary coincides with yours!


P.S. 1: More changes makes this game more "flat". No more strategic thinking, only shooting. This is why public server with lot of stupid changes becomes vegetable-servers. There is no fun in massacre gameplay. In past - the public servers was made with similar settings to competition to prepare players for competition gaming. Imho those new servers with such "improvements" are killing this gameplay beauty.

P.S. 2: I prefer garlic
image: Garlic2
It cures my eye-cancer and anus-palpitations after reading such o(pi)nion. Trustworthly info source. Tak było, nie zmyślam.
Parent best
hirntot with 30secs and 20secs and there are really unprofessional gamers. gg.
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