Help With ET!

well not to sure how this happened just got home booted up the old pc went to start playing et i get into the server and there is no sound i use windows 8.1 ive never had this problem before and my sound was working yesterday in game just fine can someone please help tell me how to fix this please and thank you
s_volume 1
my volume is set seta s_volume 1 lol
- RMC on task bar speaker icon
- Playback Device
- Playback TAB
- Select your device from the list
- Set as default
- Ok.
If won't help - re-plug the USB of your sound device, or change it to different USB slot. Then repeat the whole process.
I don't know why your cvar is: "set seta volume 1" - it doesn't make sens.
I use set, or seta not both together
I recommend to use:
set s_volume 1
(instead of seta)
I think by that he meant that his volume is set to "seta s_volume 1". If not, then i'd recommend him to delete that "lol" from the end aswell.
Tbh everything is possible when you don't use punctuation, or at least new lines. I just want to make sure. "lol" was too obvous.
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im calling the police
have you tried turning it off and on again?
im turned on all the time
does the sound work in windows? if no check ur sound settings :D
format c
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