CSGO gamestv matches and bets

What happened to cs games being on gamestv so I can bet all that precious e-money to win nothing? Major final today. Who do you think is going to win? Faze or fnatic?
No major!
not a major, but i hope faze i hate jw
scene got so unpredictable you better not betting your cash on
Someone has to request the matches in order to display them on GTV. Poland bossik used to do that, but this was voluntarily.
link to the stream of the match ? and time when they paly please thx
long time ago it was my job...

good times :)
IEM not major
some time ago, I added a lot of CS matches. But because there was not much interest, I stopped adding them. If someone wants and having time he can start to add matches again. Just a little earlier on the website enter the support tab and write a ticket with a request to add some league. some admin will add leagues and you will be able to start adding matches
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