You wont believe what I found in my room

Hi CF friends,
I have a very humoristic story to share with you. As you all know, it's been a long time I've been retired from computer related activities. Since the sunny days will be coming soon I thought I'd clean a bit my big house.

image: weapon

I left it there after my last pracc with - Professional eSport cklub since 2008. It was there the whole time next to my communication radio! Looks like it was still undercover eheheheheehh got it? Well, if you don't, you either have a bad sense of humor or you are fucking low-.

Have you guys found some WW2 gaming weapon irl too?
edit: Some fresh intense gayming session brought to you by #follow.pubg
image: IMG_20180307_231230

Find & fap:
TRY AGAINYOU SUCKNOT HEREimage: tumblr_p4lzdfclJP1v1wvcuo1_1280NOPENOOBLULLOL

Disguisedly yours,
MarseilleLeFrancis - An undercover e-sport writer
If you give the name of the weapon, you win a VIP ticket to 10 years anniversarysponsored by A tshirt signed by the cyberathlete of your choice and my book "10 years of electronic journalism - The story behind LeFrancis' keyboard"
another chicken dinner for Nemesis yay
insert kitchen jokes
At least I found the find & fap...
not gonna lie, took a better look just now and i found it too
8x on a mini ? SMH
I got a real axis nade in my bedroom, my grandpa got a sten or mp40 + tompson and he is collectionning vehicules from WW2
Ahah :')) yeah that's exaxtly what I have :D
6 kills leeeeel
GG wp my dear commander!
probably not a girl
ahahahah u always so funny jewishm8
warmest regards bro
Hi men,

Thanks for your kind words. This victory was brought to you by - at the forefront of professional gayming.
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