Unfinished Crossfire Lan movie

Hello all!

Some cool lan frags from CDC3 to CIC7. It never got finished, but here it is:

My teams: TLR, Buttonbashers, Dignitas
Made by Gali/DrLagAlot 2012

Miss old good times!

Enjoy! :-)
About the frostbite sniping:

I came up with the tactic having two snipers and we used it the first time in the final.

If we moved 0.1-0.5secs slower from spawn then rockit would have had it.

Upper way is easier to kill.

Also didn't use any scripts, normal sensitivity only switching to 71 fps to make recoil lower. (some1 was crying about that)
Despite all the fucking power issues in that final game, this was probably the most memorable moment of ET for me.
Why did you never finish it Matthias? Nice video!

Fun fact: we would have killed chry up with the documents as well during the grand final on frostbite transmitter (couple minutes after Jere rifle) if it wasn't for insane who choked :D I hit 3 body shots with my sniper, but insane none!!
Well, I started this project over and over again because I basically never really felt happy with the results. After hardware issues I eventually ended up demotivated and by the time lost related files :(

If anyone asks for a download, there you go! Link is active for 30 days.
good times :) nostalgia hittin
Great video mate ! keep going :)
sick video and those knives haha
He actually knifed mAus three times during one tournament :-D
guess that with the same name it's funny how many knives in general he got
Haha nice one, wish i could have gone to more lans
At CDC3 M1lk played with us (Kreaturen - VAE,et) :-)

Is this CDC3?
The frags are from CDC3, CDC4, CC5, CC6 and CIC7 :-)
Ah k thx :-P

btw Hi Matias :-)
Hi2u2 cancerhead. :d
Hello sina olet vitun homo :)
Hi n00n :-)
Hi BuLL how was windesheim? :D
Hi DabSter, was good! Short, but good :-D
aha good, too bad we couldn't meet while i was studying there!
sick frags
cu next lan?
poor Squall getting knifed by the second best knife player in the game
What a mAus massacre that was xD
Intro looked very dated but otherwise a good movie.
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