random et games

Hello thereee

Where does one go to play some random et games? Before it was IRC but is it now discord? What is the "hangout" for the ET community to look for any games and to look for players to play with?
yeah we need to reunite
There isn't any, even the random late night mixes died...

in case you wanna hang out and play some 3o3s with bunch of weirdos like jinosta &karma just get to this ip hyperion-gaming.net:9991
100% right i am a weirdo but i don't really play et anymore only times i do i complain how shit the game is and how much i hate it, so i don't know if he wants to listen to that :D
i would play with u!
ET died when IGLA left.
where did igla go
He went to a psychiatric hospital I heard, not even joking
:| Thats sad. Hope he recovers whatever shit happend. Drugs do bad man.
Public is your best bet. Teamspeak that Bobika posted is frequently visited by quite some ET players throughout the day.
and the terrorist is back in teh e-world ;)

..i would also like to play few games!
Haha - not back, just I come on every now and again and I end up wondering where to start from! haha
Well this doesn't look very promising haha
dont invite all the peepz.

but hey im back. we can play tonite =)
Yes, there is a chat for all the cool players, but uhoh.. youre not invited :(
We've already invited everyone we wanted there.
Toxic feel free to pm if you need one... here or maybe even better on FB https://www.facebook.com/blaz.vodopivec
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