Study: Pushing main in Supply defence first spawn


This data is a result of a bored afternoon pussybashers analytics team analysis of supply tactics. I always push supply main on first spawn as axis, and convo with hazz gave me the idea to put this into data.


Pushing main seems to be a pretty good tactic overall. In rare cases I also refrained from it (if I knew the opponent had lots of good aimers, we had a bad attack or my teammates wanted to push instead). Pushing in general seems to be a good idea if you have the aim and positioning to back it up.


I watched manually though 150 supply demos and studied the first spawn on axis empirically. I then logged this data into an excel file, and finally compiled the statistics using this file. First demo was from 24.3.2016 and last from 21.3.2018. There are no demos from November 2016 to June 2017 because my hard drive was acting up and I didnt want to stress it with autodemo.


Pushing on first spawn seems to be a risk free way of both getting kills/damage, getting information (spawntimes) and getting the psychological upper hand (2 allies get owned 10sec after the round starts, they will be demoralized). Only 1 out of 99 I left flag from radio side instead of tunnel side. The reasons for this are unknown. 1 out of 99 games I spawned back because we made so fast time on allies side. One push I died to webe's teamkill support fire. One time I got 0 kills because my teammate's support fire killed them all.


  • Total of 99 demos that had supply defence
  • Average of 0.96 kills per push
  • On top of/instead of kill, dealt heavy damage 41% of pushes
  • Got allies spawntime on first push 16% of the time (usually with 2 kill pushes)
  • Died to full myself 9% (sometimes got kill(s) too)
  • Lost flag 1% (1 time, because allies died upstairs instantly)
  • Decided not to push 8%
  • Got 0 kills 29 times
  • Got 1 kill 42 times
  • Got 2 kills 13 times
  • Got 3 kills 4 times
  • Got 4 kills 0 times
  • Got 5 kills 1 time
  • 1 time teamkilled by Webe
  • 1 time LORDI pushed like a retard, causing me to stay downstairs
  • 1 time I pushed tunnel with fieldops (0 kills ofc)


Thanks to Finlandhazz for helping me get this idea. Thanks to FinlandWebe for teamkilling me that time I pushed and lowering the kill average.
Thank you for that analysis, Sungi. It will surely help me to become better ET player.
ok lets play an offi
you got 0 kills 29 times such a noob lol #banpussybashers

I approve this journal. Nice scientific method. However, discussion part and results are missing.

Warmest regards,
Results are in other categories, and can't really discuss with myself.

Virgin Islands sungi

1 time LORDI pushed like a retard, causing me to stay downstairs
"I watched manually though 150 supply demos"

"Total of 99 demos that had supply defence"

What happened to the remaining 51?
Some demos were only the round from allies, and some were from when I was speccing / on ETTV with autodemo.
love it
the team kill
I actually liked reading this
Sharing part of your tactics before lan event wasn't a smart move.
lacks rigor and statistical analysis
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