Pubg Video

Evening All,

I made a little video of some game play. Never done a video before so wont be the best! Just few kills from one day of playing.

Room for improvement for sure :)
some nice frags, gj
pretty insane bro
shroud is that yew?
But more important: do you have a kdr of 8 or up?!
in squads I was last season :D duos no only 5 ha

terrible season this but only played few games on 30% win rate
Third person... no, just no
haha you still on this! its better first person hell of a lot easier
oh please, none of the two is easier, but 3rd person makes it literally 90% camping behind a wall, checking around the corners by 3rd person
should've cancelled your video and made a Czech Republic t4Mj video instead #czechhimout
haha he remade mine for me :D id make him one but he always dies in first few mins.. then drinks beer and watches us :D dam carry his ass
gay as fuck
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