maths problem... im just thick apparently

right so boys wanna book an apartment for 1000 for 10 days only 2 boys going for 10 days and other 7 days

my maths got me 1000/27 (because 27days all together) then i multiplied it by 7 to work out how much the 7 pays followed by x 10 so it was 259.25 and 370.37 give or take the little penny

am i right because them 2 are saying no and giving me a mad mental long ass equation
btw your calculation is wrong:
10 days for 1000$ --> 100$ for 1 day
daily payment per guy for first 7 days: 100 / 3 = 33.(3)$
daily payment per guy for last 3 days: 100 / 2 = 50$
7 x 33.(3) = 233.(3) $ <---- payment for 1 guy who's going for 7 days
7 x 33.(3) + 3 x 50 = 383.(3) $ <------ payment for 2 guys who's going for 10 days
thats what they said :( damn it
That's assuming it's really $100 per night, which isn't a given. If e.g. you can only book for 10 days, then it's a single package deal and you don't pay any less for only staying 7 days. In that case, it would technically be the fairest to just split the bill by three.

The only way to be sure is to get the price for booking the apartment for 7 days and three days respectively. If it's exactly $700 and $300 then your friends and nejm are correct. If it isn't (or those options don't exist), then it gets more complicated and you might just have to fight to the death over it.

Though in all seriousness, if the pricing ends up being complicated, I would go with your formula for simplicity and fairness.
if you're still confused, simply:
in your calculation "7 days guy" has to pay 7/27 participation of 10 days stay
in my calculation "7 days guy" has to pay 9/27 participation of 7 days stay
if you had 4th guy renting for last 3 days, both ways will give the same result.
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