bakc from teh cklub

Hi nerds,
jst to inform u i got back from teh cklub and i got teh barwoman in my bed. Got a train in an hour so not worth ssleeping
#staymad #haveAniceSunday

I willl be on holidays for vappu in 2 weeks in FinlandFunland send me a messgae if you got kahru to share perkele

image: 02

Drunkenly yours,
MarseilleLeFrancis - A cklubber
was about the time I went to bed after working on my PhD thesis :(

sincerely yours,
dr. olga
cf is dead
go back on reddit nerd
reddit is so much better than cf
Except for activity, you're wrongm8
I honestly think half the shit you write is a lie, but if true whos things to write this on a cf? unless you blew your load and no one loves you :D
haha yeah I'm all good :D isn't anyone allowed to say anything back to francis lol
This is what happens when you're not just "e-friends" Williams. eSport cklub changed our lives for the best and created strong bounds between us, cyberathletes.
Germany Francis is the best of us #flyingtheflag
Lying on the internet... are you broken m8? Did noone tell you that the internet is serious business?
I'm willing to share this: image: Jallupullo-200x300
but not karhu =(
what is this m8? some wine shit?
noo its like cheap brandy, 38-40% dont remember, my fav shot
thx for the recommandation bud
hi cringelord I have awakened
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