Issues on ET startup

Screen freezes and ive got to alt f4. No error messages

i got splash damage client and im using default cfg.

exec pollo
mannaggia al papa ho pure pensato meno male c'è una risposta ma vaffa ahah
Had that problem with fsecure av ages ago
Create a shortcut to your et.exe. Then modify the shortcut's properties by adding the following to the end of the target:
+set logfile 1 (It should look like this: "C:\path to\ET\et.exe" +set logfile 1).

After that, try launching ET using that shortcut and let it crash. After that you should (hopefully) find a file named etconsole.log in your etmain folder. Post that here.

If there is no file, you can also try adding +set r_mode 4 +set r_fullscreen 0 +set com_ignorecrash 1 and see if you're able to start ET then.
thanks hazz,
game would not create a logfile but just crash and fuck up my monitor gamma :(

i tried using ignorecrash and it started but after i closed and started again, it won't work and just crash.
also when i clicked on play online i got insta redirected to some nitmod server (wtf?)

i'll keep trying , see if i get it working somehow

edit: it seems the game works only when i'm in windowed mode. still i'm getting this message "do you want to redirect to -insert server ip-?" and wouldn't let me play online.

image: cDo0pH
That redirect bug is due to an exploit someone is using. You should use Trackbase or SplatterLadder instead of the in-game server browser.
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