Comeback of the year

Hi guys,

I'm more than glad to announce another wonderful comeback this year.
No other player than Jeroen 'Jere' Van Gool will make his return to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

The fans have been waiting for more than a year for this, but now the time has come.
My girlfriend has left me a few days ago, so I have time enough to make my comeback.

This sunday evening we'll play an All star match on
The likes of mAus, Sebhes, XyLoS (best rifle ever), R0SS (backstabber), sqzz, reload, Pally, Gero and Night will feature in this game.
We expect a lot of viewers for this game and Tosspot also agreed to cast this marvelous game.

I will be casting the game as well on Twitch where you can see my wonderful hand-eye coördination.

Thanks to all my fans and if you want to help me in this comeback, please leave a comment.

Lots of love,
cool Poland Team Poland avi for a pracc game since everyone started praccing before lan
Hi Jere will be celebrating its 10 years anniversary in Finland Helsinki. We look forward to watching your game as remembrance of the old good days. Also fuck that girl m8, all bitches except mom.
I also never forget you were always avi for #cubecast professional eSport interviews.

Warm regards,
Marseille LeFrancis
WHERE IS THE MOVIE!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
after meeting m8
Let's make it happen boys
Please comment below if you want to be part of our showmatch. Also comment if you have any opinion about making ET great again. #ETisnotdead #togetherwecandothis
Avi, Low skill
True man!
i'll play np
All those names seems so pale compared to the almighty Sebhes
You never fail to amuse me brother haha
Bring back ballmouse
Come on! We make this happen!
<3 Hakke G
Jamazing Jere. Probably wont be able to play but ill watch my boy
Ow real seareal?? you coming back to ET??!?
sure m8 cu lan LOL
Lan hahahahah mate stop the trolling now XDDDDDDDD
See you tilted towers
avi for lan?

p.s. check the attachment bellow
I'm going for sure! We have to defend our title
Okay i got a sick new dance *Orange Justice*
trolling? whats a troll? im being super seareal m8 me butchji and bozar are making a team together
you should join us
WOW take jere too? since he's missing et so much
not sure if troll or srrs but avi for sure if you need someone
not sure if troll or srrs but avi for sure if you need someone
Welcome back my boy Jere! Let's make this happen. Avi for showmatch
final score of the show match? so szczurek can post results on gtv
wat is dit nou weer
any of you newschoolers know this newschooler?
I have already joined elysium for the next lan on the condition that you are replaced (again) lolol
this shit is real
Just to confirm that apparently this post was not serious and he is still happily together with his girl friend. Marrying within a month I believe
awesome news!!!!
comeback me 2 ? ^^
Best player is missing
wtf Jere just wtf
WB Old m8..
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