Hello fellas

It's been a while since the last time i loged inhere, in fact something around 8 years. First of all, how have you been? I hope you are all well. But enough of this small talk. What i wanted to know is, is the game still played and how easy is it to get 3on3s over mirc today, (is it still used?). Tomorrow my new PC arrive and i Think there is a Little space left for ET.
dunno about irc chans prob dead
et has now built in matchmaking system

how do i find games now?
In enemy territory games find you.
Quote how easy is it to get 3on3s over mirc today

from 1 to 10 scale it's image: imposibru
dunno i rarely play maybe once a month or so..we gather 6/12 ppl and play internal :\
seareal is living in 3018 while we're still waiting for the lan announcement
do they still use SLAC?
if so, punkbuster crew may find no reason to support ET anymore
You may find some 3on3 on #3on3.et but not a lot

Otherwise you got discord but idk how is the activity on it
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