yes yes KRP.ET

just wanted to let ya all know we coming next lan ive already discussed it with ensam mana sample smokeninja and donka

and if et these days 60n6 i got vanhaomena
think this proves im pretty drunk
need coach?
I could be an assistant coach
omg kapaa sick gamor
need couch?
need bot?
might need, cant seem to find Sinner nowhere
need cigarettes?
need Valkej?
high5 will be there as well, winq already called me after drinking 7 bears, syriusz and riseje'bany low also ready, lamka still not sure if he's capable of pracc, as his provider launch internet only twice a month atm. dunno about stexx, heard he finally took his trip to Japan
hahaha i missed this one, intro is the best ready to smash u nerds@lan cu on

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