Lame stuff for moviegoers

Hoi I was a bit bored of my rl projects so took a few days of last week to do some fun ET clips, ended up putting them together with a couple of songs and made a lame movie with old leftover frags for fun. All avis were recorded in one afternoon huhu, 2-3 frags are reused in a different way i guess.
emorej and maxuh insisted that I post it here for all you 19 people left, enjoy!

And as usual: image: tumblr_p714m6sb2G1ukbf7jo1_1280
Is this weird I liked this movie
A trip down memory lane!
So many names i almost forgot!
Kinda miss those days.
Yess I also did extra feelings manipulation with Für Elise and breaking benjamin sorry
Funny that you said that, precisely when i was listening to this on youtube:
So epic.. first real et movie i enjoyed! :D
It worked! :(
I miss ET
no you don't.... solo warrior
Hahahaha ^^
dab *_*

rock music in 2018 0/10
rest of movie 9/10
covie actions 11/10
grill 12/10
i liked the music >D
aha was aimed at the 2008 kids of 10 years ago in us, not the magaluf kings like you mate :D
Marseille LeFrancis' favorite moviemaker releasing a movie in 2018. All these days staying on a dead website were worth. :'{D
What a day to be alive! I keep it for tonight before leaving for teh cklub so that I can enjoy it with a glass of red wine.
Aha thanks, best before ever i assume
Nice movie man
Hey arhakka! Just checked this vid again and I just noticed there is a young Matias at the beginning of his rifle carrier in the console, at the frag at 7:26. This was my first one day cup I remember back in 2006 :o)
haha.. good old times :-)

How can you remember the nick aRHAKKA?
Cause I fragged your ass in my last two movies!
lol, I was kinda inactive when I was using that nick in BB.. So must be because of that :D ^^
Enjoyed the movie!
"Hi immoo" @5:10
If i recall correctly, asator was Germany rise :p
Haha yes probably wasn't sure. So Hi rise!
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