Mechanical Keyboard

Hey to anyone who still visits there,

wanted to ask - could anyone recommend some good mechanical keyboards that are not mainstream? My old func keyboard got broken with shitty doubleclicks so I'm in need of a new one and none of the Logitech/CM/Razer/Steelseries really fit me or are that good..

Was thinking about having a look at Ducky & Filco, are there any other good brands worth looking at?
im so sorry but you will remain low+ anyway, no matter what keyboard u buy ;(
I need it for writing, not playing :(
cm storm quickfire
Steelseries as _Karde mentions
It remains a mistery why people can't properly write my dear nick. :D /name Praci$lawa
Sebhes r button doesn't work properly, cause he reloads so much after not hitting a bullet on me, cause of my awesome movement
He broke it after spamming rup every 2seconds
Hahahahahhahahaha right on point friend
Hahahahha I sincerely apologize. I remember me even checking if I wrote it correctly but failed miserably apparently
I've been using a Ducky for over two years and don't have anything bad to say about it.
I would buy a Ducky just because the brand name sounds so nice, and if it malfunctions you can rename it and start calling it your Fucky keyboard.

I don't have anything useful to add.
Or Sucky keyboard
Quotenone of the Logitech/CM/Razer/Steelseries really fit me or are that good..

They are all good, you just suck at typing, and life.
Welcome back, hows life :D
I have Ducky Shine 5 and I love it, its also RGB :-)
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