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Hey guys! It has been awhile since I dared to scroll through CF's bizarre journals and funny lan posts. And this, is the kind of serious 'business' journal. I am reaching out to all of you!

I decided it would be a good idea to post here about some art commissions I am willing to do as I am currently studying in UK and even though I am about to start working after almost a year of searching a job (since they hate employing starving students out here), I am in need of extra cashhhmoney$$$$. On a serious note, I am struggling with income as my university does not have the steel balls to provide enough fabrics and materials, and we need extra money for that, plus the government does not give international students necessary funds to manage on their own just fine, so really, most of us are struggling. And guess what? These things were so much cheaper back in Romania and better quality, although universities aren't so it is really just a huge party pooper. I wouldn't have made such a post if things didn't get ever so serious.

Be it graphic design, posters, banners, portraits, and even personalized clothing ( I studied and still studyin some deep professional fashion design) from T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, trousers, overalls etc. I can reach up to almost anything, I am rly just open to any requests. Best part? All can be done professionally :). For details about pricing and any other information, PM me.

Yours truly.
Nice to hear from you m8
Best of luck! professional eSport cklub since 2008 may order some professional t shirts for its 10 years anniversary.
professional esports shirts sponsored by United Kingdom mira
Ya know it homie

Now made in the great BRITLAND
hey, good luck in studies!
hey bolognese king. (Btw thats all i eat as a student lmao) thank you n i hope you are doing great too
send dunes i sned monye
i sent give money now
those egypt dunes are lit arent they
Dunes lan announced???
pussy into my dick
any collabs needed? got some few for you
Come thru boi.
contact me on ma numba
previous work?
sorry im replying years later , i barely log in here but I havent gotten any like tshirt examples a si never ha d a chance to make them yet, but only grpahic drawings and artsy examples.
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