Help me choose a glass

to collect haters' tears I'm thirsty :XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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QuoteRazZaHREPLY 7 Jul 2018, 00:42
first strong opponent and you are out

Quote_KarrdeREPLY 12 Jul 2018, 12:17
I really hope that frozz country will rekt you so hard you ban football in France so you can focus on frogs and other stereotypical things like pretending to not understand sh1t from any other language even if you talk with someone who actually uses English marverously unlike me.

QuoteSeverusREPLY 12 Jul 2018, 21:39
Francis, I'm skull fucking you on sunday after 8 pm. It's gonna be poetry

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fucking 3rd world country lowbies thought they could win :XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

cu I go naked in teh street celebrating our golden pocal

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MarseilleLeFrancis - A french fan naked in the street

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never had to play against this boi did u

gl wp low+ vs low
Never heard of sorry m8
Griezmann is such a cunt

anyway gratz
That's why we love him
thxm8 feels good to be a winnerman
VIVE LA FRANCE !!!! France France

Viva la Africa!
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