Most saddening story ever

Hi guys,

If you have a good mood I recommend not reading this journal cause it will make you sad for some time...
I was on that low+ software replacing TS called disco or smth when a United KingdomBrit (I mixed letters so you cant recognize him) brought me into this:

Quotefrancis - Aujourd'hui à 21:15
but my mother always said Im a special boy
1M0s0h0 - Aujourd'hui à 21:15
She lied

I was about to say my mother never lied to me BUT...

Here's the story:
Last Christmas dinner, we were talking about an old lady who happened to be our neighboor back then. Everytime my parents and I would go to summer holidays, my parents would leave my goldenfishes to her so she can take care of them during our holidays. When we came back from holidays, we went to get them back. As Im a very clever child, I noticed that something was wrong "Lil Joe" was looking quite fat and not as orange as it used to be. Anyway, I was very suspicious about it but hey I just lived with it.

Back on the initial topic, here's what my mom said last Xmas dinner:
Quote by LeFrancis momThat old lady she was so nice she even replaced LeFrancis' gold fishes when they died so he doesnt cry

image: sad-child-portrait

Yes guys I've been living with this lie over the last 20 years or so. Things like that made the very tough manly man I am nowadays.

What about you guys? Have your parents ever lied to you?

Shoutout to and my canadian brother CanadaChronomètre

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MarseilleLeFrancis - A sad world cup winnerman

True story.
why dont u like disco?

p.s. ur mom didnt lie the mixed letter brit lied, you are very muching special
it crashed in the middle of a very professional gayming related discussion...
thxm8 it helps me feeling better
As u can see I try to bring CF back to life with my very high quality journalism but I think its too late m8 :s
I'm actually reading all new posts but I just cba to answer :s

pompe cette merde allez j'en redemande sur mon écran LCD... que du lourd frère ... LeFrancis un vrai negro qui fait les vraies putains de choses... si si un babtou de haute classe

cordialement CanadaChronomètre en direct des Ameriques
I am very sorry it happened to you. And at the same time I am glad.
Thank you for this e-journal!
my pleasure m8
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