Drunk follow-punky make a policeman twerk

Dear Crossfire users,

Today our computer friend PortugalPunky and great cyberathlete from professional eSports cklub #follow.et since 2008 reached a quarter century !!!
I already see all the mad haters "lololol title is fake", watch this and shut your nerdy mouth.


image: fcafb9d82aa2373a

MarseilleLeFrancis - A soon-to-be 2018 winning ET coach
Congratulations to professional eSports legend Anonymous punky for becoming old.

In more important news.. Snatix beat that low skilled mixtor. What a shit cunt LOLOOOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

btw, fuck you punky and everyone else in follow.et
we love you too geeky nerd
1st of all, before I allow you to speak, learn how to pronounce my name, until you can, just close your mouth.

image: EoRwsoz
image: vdWED09

gg bb
Nice fake screenshots mixtor.must be fake as it says you have less than 40%. Either that or I'm looking at a screenshot of a sub standard player beating someone who wasn't trying.

This proves nothing. It doesn't even have your name in it. Nice try. Keep up the fake screenshots mate. I'm avi to idle on a server with someone's name for you if you wanna say you beat someone good?
I dont need To fake otherwise i would have done one with you !
I agree with you for less than 40 acc, its aint normal !

Well, if you mind about my results maybe can I show you screen from players you maybe know more ? But that would be disrespectful for them and as i said i usually respect people with who I play (exept Snatix and Rong)

Ofc i didnt have my name as he would have ragequit otherwise.. like he did each time i asked him with my name xD
I don't want to see more fake screenshots thank you. If you want to make one which shows you beating me feel free. Not sure why you would as you claim not to know who I am.

Stick to Jaymod as you clearly are bad. When you get good come lan and ill take a steamy shit on your chest while you lap up my spunk.
Ooh you seems sad that I dont know you :( im not playing jaymod btw but your welcome

Well i Guess ive beaten people you were dreaming about..
Just accept you're nothing else but a ghost on ET.

That's a shame you're more active here than on ET..

Like most of these people who try to flame me, they are only ghost, not existing on ET but in the site of dead players who are searching to communicate with living players

When you're dead, stay dead.

Gl in your hate :)
You have too much hate inside you brah. Go chill out and play something where you cannot lose like club penguin. Just because you lost a 1 vs 1 doesn't mean you should tell people what to do and shit. I can't say I dreamt of players like ever.. Only a weirdo like yourself would dream of being a top player like snatix.

You lost a 1 vs 1 get over it... Be glad it was a 1 vs 1 format as nobody cared for it back then let alone right now in time. Move on, you lost deal with it. Maybe one day you'll win against a follow. Et member.
You really think Rong who stopped ET 2 years ago would like a lotto man assist To a 1on1 between Snatix and I where Snatix doesnt even accept to play vs me when he knows its me ?

"A top player like Snatix" xD then if Snatix is a top player, it shows the skill you might have had ! It also explains why I don't know you x")

And you really think 31-9 with offi rules is possible against me ? And that i would have stayed ? XD i hope you are kidding me otherwise i'm wondering why you're not into a psychiatrique hospital

And anyway you're just a mongol with a sad life to stay on a community you're dead on

I got to tell you what to do because you seems to be a total unconcious psycopath.

Well i know what ive done and i know who I am, unless some jealous lowbies like you may be

Then if you dont care about 1on1 why do you keep boring yourself with a 1on1 player ? :D logic.

I wont stop with you ;) never ill keep answering
I think right now in time you consider yourself a LOT better than you actually was. I have never heard of you. I bet you've accomplished fuck all as well which is even better for someone who has played since "2004"

Must feel bad that a no namer as shit as me accomplished more in a shorter space of time and probably had a better time than you could even dream of!
Was ? :') dont consider me as you are ! I still play
Well i consider myself as way better as you ever been.

No one of us both have heard about the other, their must be a problem.. but you're the one coming To aggress me on a subject you have nothing to do with.

If you never heard of me thats probably because i play 1on1 only since 2007.
Ooh you know, the skill of a player has nothing to do with what you achieved with a team..

As ive told you, I have beaten players you would have not dare to dream to play with one day.

But you're still invited to test it by yourself :)))
Are you deluded? Why would I play a 1 vs 1 in the first place? It's for people who lack social skills and are completely incapable of working as a team. Secondly, why would I play against someone who lost vs snatix? To be the best you gotta beat the best... which clearly is NOT you :S
Because you seems to show an importance about me and my 1o1 results !
Well I'm afraid you lack skill only as you're not existing anymore.

Why would you play ? Cause he said himself Rong's screen is a fake ! and also cause you consider Snatix as a top player, so as you think I'm bad, we will have a match between 2 bad players !
If you do not know me or my history how can you assume I am a bad player?
Because you said you consider Snatix as a top player :"""DDDD
No I just stated he beat you. Which makes him better than you... Plus at least I've heard of him before unlike yourself :/

Being one of the few player left playing and claiming you've been around for years and I still haven't heard of you speaks volumes. What have you ever won in the 10+ years of playing? The fact you have to fake screen shots of beating more known players must suck mega dick.
Then you're really retarded and naive if you really think it :). The only stats I've seen are mine :) Well, you've heard about every players i've beaten but.. ;) atleast now you know me ahahah and come in 1on1 you'll know me even more :')

Well did you already care about 1on1s ? Apparently not, thats why you didn't heard about me :) but I never heard about you neither while i've followed the scene for a while now. pretty sad for you isn't it ? Cause it means you're not a kind of player who is getting noticed by other ingame :') it says even more !
gg ez lyfe i got literally 2x better accuracy, just saying, nothing personnel, going stronk

image: ZjZQZZX

P.S. Is this internet bullying?
haha :D n1 n1 :')
Happy birthday!
scrolling down forgot what this journal was about
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