How to play 1on1

Hi guys,

Obviously the discussion has been rife over the past few days in regards to France mxture faking screenshots to make himself look better than honest ET player France Snatix. This got me thinking; What makes a good 1on1 player?

Maybe I got some insights:

Quote by Mxt0rToday at 7:15 PM
Thats why i would destroy you in 1on1, your mentality shows that you're not able to adapt yourself to a situation and move, in 1on1 you would have been the kind of man who would keep trying to go same way and you would have get killed again and again

Quote by Mxt0rYesterday at 7:24 PM
The way Snatix plays what ? 1o1 ? I doupt ? 3v3 ? Certainly ! Public ? He camps only xD

Anyone else want to share insights on how to play 1on1?


Idk what makes a good 1v1 online but I can show irl what it looks like.
Who had ever thought the legend France Snatix would have returned to the playing field?

We all remember where we were the moment Snatix absolutely destroyed the unbeatable champion Romania Damon back in 2015:

Nobody ever thought to witness another moment of fame from the all time legend, but it happened!

Quote by SnatixWednesday, 2nd December 2015 17:49
Thanks for all the support guys, it means the world to me. I'll now officially announce my retirement in the 1on1 format, after managing to beat the current #1 on CG Ladder. I'll retire at my shining moment, where I'll stay unbeaten in the 1on1 ladder 2015.

#Neverforget #flawlessvictory #stay4everBaguette

Nothing more than respect for the French baguette
Did you really had to post the link aswell you bastard? Hahahahaha

That proves he was only a normal player who had a moment of fame thats all.

Im the best 1on1 player that this game ever provided.

Gonna wait for my haters to reply now. :D
@Whoever banned Francemxture: Please unban him I haven't laughed this much since #freenismo e-drama. Even if he gets baited so easily he atleast brings activity on CF.
+1, he generated 3 figure replies! Totally worth it!
Hotel? Trivago
Any insights m8?
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