mAlibu 3on3 LAN Recruitment

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Europe mAlibu

Me & Netherlands iNsAne are looking for a 3rd player for the upcoming ET LAN.

About you:
  • Be able to play the LAN seeding tournament & some 3on3 ODC's / Tournaments.
  • Make sure you can play before you message me.
LAN information:
  • Date: Friday 2nd November
  • Entry 3on3: €35 each person
  • The ET LAN will be held in Take TV Venue. Located in: Germany Krefeld, Germany.
If you are interested in joining us, feel free to PM me on crossfire!

Kind Regards!
Netherlands kApot
inb4 lineup will be insane outlaw gizmo
losing to fantasy in 2k18
Hmu broski
did outlaw retire to play minecraft?
after losing to me the other day I think he's given up with ET
I contributed to that.
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