Hi all together.

I need some guys toplay with at the upcoming lan in Krefeld.
At the moment i didnt talk with someone so i need 5 guys.
Just be reliable thats all i expect and have fun playing this game.

The only problem is i am off tomorrow on holidys for 3 weeks :) -- i will be back 28.08.2018 -- i wont be online during this time so i will anwser to all when i am back


i hope Kimi is my rifle for this :)
Europe is looking forward to rolling your team with my very advanced and brand new 2018 coaching.
i would love to play
its going to be hard to get team together by yourself if you will be only 2 days online before deadline
I vote for Kimi as a man in charge
Good Luck :)
ok but who deleted Testi's video??
too bad, it was good

he looked like a good player
Good luck mate
kein Urlaub zu der Zeit
Hehe śmieszki gra umarła przemas
good luck
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