Rebooting our etpro server


2 maplist rotation
Extra ammo magasine when you spawn
Xp reset every map

As it seems to be lacking of etpro servers lately, we are rebooting ours.

Feel free to join if you don't want to queue for 10 minutes on HBC
+1, thank fuck
i care about this shit server
xp reset every map sounds good,
thanks brah, is rifle gren limited?
2 rifles per team :)
Fun server :)
Nice, gonna come there :) #LoDStillAlive
Nice beating mixuteeor
thanks, means a lot to me
can you set up shuffle after map aswell?
Could you change the allies spawntime on frostbite to 25?

Edit: Also, b_fixedphysics 1 would be nice.

Edit2: And it would probably be a good idea to force snaps to 20, cl_timenudge to 0 and rate to 25000, and maybe restrict fps to 43-125.
Ok I'll see what I can do :) thanks for feedback
Thank you! I never liked HBC much, nice to have a decent alternative. :D
Same here especially since the hpc drama :s
Time to join!
Are the settings changed? It's not a big deal I guess, except it would be nice to have b_fixedphysics 1. :D
thats the spirit
QuoteAs it seems to be lacking of etpro servers players lately, we are rebooting ours.
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