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Sup guys,

As Hirntot recently shut down for some reason, the ETPro community that likes to play some good ol' public from time to time now has only two available options : HBC, or the new polish server, whatever that is.

So as I received my student's job paycheck (which is low as you would assume), I decided to rent a shitty ass VPS to host a crossfire community ETPro server as a test. A few people came to visit, and except from the lags being an issue, the server in itself seems alright for competitive lads like the ones on this site. Here are the basic features:

- Heavy weapons, mines, and rifles restrictions change depending on the number of players on the server. I basically used the official global cfg as a reference. So more players = more mines, etc.
- No additional ammo while spawning, or additional ammo and health cabins all over the map and fancy shit like that
- No fucking spawnkill protection, and normal fucking spawntimes
- No waiting for 30 hours before joining the game if you got a new etkey, cheaters will be dealt with the old-fashioned way, with the banhammer
- It has kmod sounds at the moment, with sprees and all that, but can easily be removed
- The mappool has all the competitive maps that people like to play the most. The server also has all the 1v1 maps and some casual ones, you can callvote them at any time, it will go back to the rotation when that map is finished anyway.
- That's it, feel free to give feedbacks about what features you'd like to see added, or removed.

If you guys actually think this server could be a good thing for the community, I could rent a dedicated, it's like 20€/month. Any financial help would be rewarded with a permanent moderator status on the serv, and you could also host any shit you want on the dedi. Let's keep ET alive!

PS : The dedicated could also be used to host any shit that could be useful for the community, like war servers for the ones who need it, (sup schNee's Discord) and stuff like that. Btw if you'd like to see what the test server looks like, /connect
snatix just took a server back to be honest mate and thats also struggling to fill up so i wouldn't waste your money on it really hope student life is going well for you!
Oh ok didn't know about that! Then I guess I'm just gonna delete this, thanks for letting me know
just saving you money im just going to be a student end of this month so trying to help a brother out!
Jino is going back to learn how to build in real life and not just Fortnite =DD
have actually made stuff before too haha outta wood or brick haha
What ya gonna study brah ?
forestry buddy what you studying?
Last year of translation studies mate
As in language translation?
Yep, English and Dutch to French
Sick i'm from uk and i bet your grammar is probably a hell of a lot better than mine haha
Ah putain tu l'auras suivi jusqu'au bout ce cursus, chapeau l'artiste :p
haha ouai, quand j'aurai mon diplôme je pourrai poster sur facebook un truc du genre : "Mieux vaut tard que jamais" :D
mais ouais
on avait commencé en même temps en genre 2010, non ? :D
I'm there ready to offer free ET coaching...
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cu there
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