3on3 pracc goooo

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Well, I'm not acting bad with people who are playing with me ! I don't like to show these results tbh, I usually respect people, in life and here, even more when they accept to play with me lol..

But when I see people like stRay who trolled ET community exactly as I've trolled him with these screenshots only because Damon was motivated (and a bit mad to break his spree in these conditions), and when I see how this guy (stRay) acts (like saying he doesnt care but actually plays his life in game and sending screenshot of his TrackBase ranking on jaymod forums to show how "good" he is.. and when a friend of mine sends me a picture of stRay saying on HBC (when I wasn't there) "I'm unbeatable in 3v3", I just can't stand it..

So ofc I act like a cunt and I provocate a lot, i'm aware of it ! (but atleast i don't fake my screen, isn't it Rong?)

But i'm a bit disapointed you, hazz, answer to me like this cause i always respected you and I still respect you, so yeah.

Anyway, if I must keep answering with trolls like that with people like GiZmOo or others, I will

Peace mate

First Map: Supply. We tied.

image: SQd2ap5

Second Map: Adlernest

image: XbtEZkI

Third Map: Sw_goldrush_te
We won. Screenshot came out wrong

image: tYB7enH
Get out Mxtor
Hahahhahahahaha 10/10 post
Oh damn! This was awesome! Good one mate!
Fucking amazing
no hazz no win :P
LMAO i guess this is one of those never ending memes
gtfo France mixture
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