Hello you CF users.

I know there have been a lot of claiming that people are faking pictures here in crossfire.
I will not take any part of those thingies.

Me and [eu]potty had an argument. We wanted to fight each other so LeFrancis colonel of Follow.et arranged a fight
in boxing arena.

I managed to knock potty down on first round and theres this picture to prove it.
image: maxresdefault

I think the next boxing night will be next weeks friday and [eu]Nismo said he will stream it so more information later.

Sincerely retired golden medalist in W:ET capt. Woony Hendrix of follow.et now officially master of boxing in follow.community.

(Francis was not harmed on this event)
This photo is fake as I do not own any black shorts.... Good attempt though almost on the same level as someone else on this website.
Super work by #follow.et, they seem like a wery professional organisation. 5 stars
Noticed mixture is not in this thread yet. Where o where is our low skilled screen shot faking pleb
He is probably busy with photoshop or searching for links to prove some point which nobody cares about
It is sad that someone cares this much they have to fake screen shots. Forever number 2 in france :(
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