COD BO4 vs. BF V

Hello guys!

Are you planning to play any of the games above? Both games have/had open beta already. Personally I am looking to purchase BO4, enjoyed it more during the beta and the so called "Blackout" battleroyale mode looks good.
(Open beta for blackout this weekend?)

I'm not really into this 64 player gangbang BF stuff, however BF3 was great. Also EA and SJW stuff bothers me a lot, so
Gotta see if it will be popular. No point spending money on it if it will die in 1 year. But I hope it is great and will tear pubg and fortnite apart
a game surviving for 1 year is really long nowadays, considering 99% of the new game start with10k+ players and drop to 500 in a month
ET surviving for 15 years now. Best game ever
there is no 24/7 supply depot etpro server, so its dead my friend...
I don't like pubg, and haven't played it much. Probably like 5-10 matches so far, but so far bo4 blackout looks like a pubg killer to me
Edit: And Ocelot agrees with this!
Tried the bf 5 beta and thought it was shit. Just like their last 3 games. Won't be buying that. Will try cod whenever the beta starts. Just don't care much for battleroyales so will probably not get into it
So, did you give Blackout a try? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
Personally I think it was fantastic. I hate PUBG, I really do, but this game feels so good, damn!
I share your thoughts. Pubg is shit but was actually enjoyable
lets go pikachu
Personally quite enjoyed the BF5 Beta, for a big part because of playing with friends so that goes for CoD too if they all play :P, even with some of it's more obvious flaws. It takes plenty of lessons learned from 1 and definitely improved on things. Gunplay feels much better(much closer to say a BF3 than BF1), it feels less clunky too. My main gripe is the 'everything is destructible'(plus the building mechanics) that BF series now tries to do and it causes a lot of weird glitchy areas you just get stuck in or forces you into forced vaulting animations etc :(. BF can have great pace and movement that gets forceably staggered with broken building etc :(.

Will play the new CoD beta to try it out but from what I have seen so far it really doesn't grab my interest more than BF5 does/did. The 'main' gameplay in CoD after CoD4 just haven't really grabbed me and the addition of BR doesn't attract me to the game more either. If it's between the two, as of now yet to play CoD beta, I'm more likely to get BF5 because the base gameplay(Conquest/Rush/Operations) are much more interesting to me atm. The only 'twist' that could change that is any esports element either game might have, CoD is notoriously console focused and Battlefield competitive scene has never been a real attention grabber but in the current atmosphere of games esports are an almost 'mandatory'/automatic expectation and since I, not even so much to play myself but watch moreso, just really enjoy competitive play that might flip that choice if CoD is massively more appealing on PC.

Not really in the same genre, but I'm looking forward to the new Division game much more than either of these two games if I'm honest. I absolutely loved the first one(bought on release, put it down through all it's early troubles and picked it up in it's second year and have racked up loads of hours in it, even soloing plenty of the end game content) so that second one is a game I'm definitely getting :P.
yeah the vaulting in BF since BF1 has been just plain horrible. Agree with gun play feeling more like BF3. I think the destructible stuff is a good mix of 3 and BC2 (ofc BC2 you could flatten almost every building to dust xD).
alright boys, cod bo4 blackout is dope
I didn't enjoy the CoD beta at all, I do enjoy the Blackout mode tho.. and I enjoyed the BF-V beta and also I think the new battle royal mode in BF will be epic but still there are no gameplay videos/information available for the new battle royal mode of BF.. I have the Origin Premium access so I will have BF-V anyway..
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