Spotify list with music from RtCW/ET movies.

Mostly made this for my own nostalgia moments :D But figured I'd share as more might enjoy (I do admit filtering some stuff out that was too 'drumNbass/glitchy' for my taste as it is mostly meant for myself :D). Still adding loads, been through most of the 'obvious to find' ET stuff but scowering the RtCW stuff still and that's going quite slow because it's only really on youtube D:.

Also hi, long time no see. o/ How is everyone?
Nice putted it in my libary!
nice man! Saved it. Im great what about you?
You increased my FinlandOFFICE productivity by 9000%
finally something useful from you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

on a serious note, great content!
Being useless is my expertise, everyone knows that :D.
Missing Drowning Pool's "Bodies"
Managed to find Masse Majava though :O), can't find the intro song to KRPmovie 3 though some random finnish song that I can't seem to find title for

edit: found it I think, Uusi Fantasia Liian Myohaan? Seems youtube has mislabed the title but the artist was correct.
Yeah that's the one (Y)
Uusi Fantasia
Masse Majava is the best song in history & the fragmovie makes it even better
best Songs were still used at winghavens fragmovie

but nice!
Will add when I get home, I found 1 and 3 but goofed on second nature D:
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