Insanely professional pub tutorial

Dear computer friends,

Have you ever tried to play on some public servers and /kill was forbidden? That sucks right?
Don't worry today I show you how to trick the admins and get free /kill when you want. Yes you properly read LOL!

image: tumblr_pe33idwLBV1v1wvcuo1_1280

Warmest regards,
Marseille#FreeLeFrancis - A soon-to-be banned player

mdrrr t con
This journal is fucking 10 out of 10. fuck hbc rules
Means a lot coming from official e-journalist.
cu in cklub
Come say hi next time
This is amazing. I’m trying this out.
this is too fucking good
approved this journal +rep
Legend has spoken
Ahahaha mais putain Francis je t'aime tu es un génie !!!

Ça marche uniquement quand tu es mute ??
Ouais mais c'est pas bien compliqué tu dis penis t'es muted :{D
Ahahah exact j'ai l'habitude de me faire mute quand je dis noone :D
This is tutorial 2k18, how to selfkill on HBC = jebłem :D
jestem hardkorem buddy
Absolutely brilliant, I can't stop laughing. Thank you for this tutorial, LeFrancis!
I noticed that too, but I figured he had already bound it before. :D
Sorry if I don't spend hours in front of my monitor and dont remember some commands u nerdy geek :S
Glad you enjoyed it kaveri!
that bob roll is triggering me :D
seta cg_bobroll "0.00" //sets extent of the bob roll (left/right) effect when moving
seta cg_bobpitch "0.00" //sets extent of the bob pitch (forwards/backwards) effect when moving
seta cg_bobup "0.00" //sets extent of the vertical "bob" effect when moving
seta cg_bobyaw "0.00" //sets extent of the "bob" yaw (turn left/right) effect when moving
While we're still in 2018, Francis is in 3018
Welcome in 3018 m8
Congratulations. This is fascinating to see how much possibilities we have in 2k18 to counter the rules even if most of people are banned there ( :( ).

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I'll surely try it somewhere in 2019/20.
I've also found a quite cool feature you can unlock following this simple instruction:
1) be a random scrub/play with fakenick
2) perform 5 killing spree including at least 1 kill on shootej
3) profit:
image: alalala
have fun and enjoy.
outplayed sick man nice content cu on lan
Cu there m8, hope to appear in meNtal moments 2
Any kill on the fake Azatej, Shootej gets you a ban.
funny how this worked ^^ and hbc is ass for even banning the sk
Even some jaymod servers have more competitive settings than that noobish server
yeah the fact you cant selfkill is just weird to me
ifsk is lame, real men fight until they die of their enemies bullets!
real men don't play games think about that for a second before you claim this :D
in my opinion there should be a rule even in scrims that u cant selfkill more than 5 to 10 times per round - it would change the gameplay a bit
Why do you think the gameplay needs to be changed?
i would not only change the selfkill but the whole deaths u can get per round - it would stop the spawn rape -- everybody would be more carefull -- the game would slow down a bit in its speed and get more tactical in attack -- thought about it few years ago - but than the activity of this game droped :( -- i dont know its a good idea or not but a showmach could show it to us :)
If deaths mattered, it would turn ET into something more like CS I guess. I like ET for its fast pace and the focus on objectives that you can do without necessarily even killing people. It would make the objectives obsolete because the team with the better aimers could just make sure their opponent reach the death limit and be done with it.
I get what you mean but with the objectives you gotta self kill or attacking would be so easy on every map LMS is for 1 life only those were the days :)
after seeing that 11/10 2039 video i will put my trust in you to revive ET
Thx m8. Next time I go to the Carlton hotel in SwitzerlandGeneva I'll invite you for business talk.
Ich liebe dich wie eine Bretzel
admins still living in 1999 and francis in 21337
Over 9000 years seperate them from us m8
Brillant !
Broooo, you really got me with your "now I'm going into programmer mode"`. Great way to start off the day, much love from NL xo
C'est magnifique!
Full of win, got my seal of approval.
This is professionally approved
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