Ready to edit some frags!

Sup ET community.

Im back as you can see and im offering video editing once again =D.

I was thinking, i could make custom video for one guy or i could make a video for this community where everyone could join by sending demos.

If this community is still alive, let me know if you want edits :p.


PS. See my fresh ET edit
just use ipods frags, they are sick enough for another movie with the same content
im not sure do i have em anymore :S
gonna check my few old demos ;p
thanks for reminding me that my brother lost 10gb of my demos

Welcome in club bro.
I'm thinking of a NA fragmovie, I'll message you
ok ur def not it in now
Well I thought those never will be used, but I have around 60 demos that I was saving for FM back in a days (2008-2012 mostly), made on top clans. Can share in case u would be interested
I will send some riflenade bombardment :D
flying hovnos 3
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