some more nostalgia #15

HELP! Footage needed:

I'm starting to get low on demos from shoutcasts from the EU scene (besides the +/-100 australian shoutcasts i found this weekend that are not on here yet, but i guess you guys are less interested in those).

Here is a google spreadsheet of my work so far and what i got left:

If you have demos i don't have for these shoutcasts, please share!

I'm particularly interested in 2 sources i don't have yet:
  • QuadV shoutcasts from late 2007 - ???, such as drago panzerfaust game etc. I only have RadioITG casts from tosspot.
  • RadioITG, on QuakeCon 2006. All demos are available, but no casts :(

So if you got material i don't, please share, and i will record and upload them!

New casts i uploaded last week:

All Oldschool competitive history games i have uploaded:


Love dropping in and watching one every so often. Last one I was was na vs EU 2004. How the fuck did you get ahold of that demo and cast!?!
Can we not do Drago's panzerfaust game.
Will be epic to watch these games when u r like 65 yrs old and got nothing to do :---D
ET alive?
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