Regular ET maps, improvements?


so I had a tought while in my shower about my beautiful game and the wonderful times and the amount of flames it generated as frequently as anything else.

What would I if anything - change regarding the typical/most used maps in the competitive scene.

Talking in both scenarios 3v3/6v6.

For example I'd always claim that sw_goldrush_te is the best map in the whole game as it's really balanced and only thing that can fuck you up are spawntimes that allow the axis to push out.

Supply close 2nd inbehind, but that first stage is way too dependant on spawntime, so either creating a way to success upper balcony through the upper tunnel or make don't have doors on the "open doors" side but have a wider entrance as a solution (0_o)

radar - imo the absolutely worst map due to how big it is and how incredibly annoying it is to get somewhere - it can take half of your spawn to get somewhere and while you try to get there, you are getting short from far away (not everyone is gav's level of speed)

bremen - actually my fav map to play as it's mid-distance to almost anywhere, but the 2nd(getting CP) stage can get extremely hard for allies if playing vs better opposition, could get more balanced by having a "broken wall" instead of the two windows (one would be broken/bigger space to shoot into) in library + destroyable fence by dyna into axis spawn last stage

frostbite - i would remove collisions on railings and probably make the lower/under cp window bigger (more hieght to it), otherwise it's a proper fun map

adlernest - no fucking clue tbh

Globaly agreed with your analysis and i like detailed analysis ^^

Unfortunaly i doupt we can do anything to improve the maps defaults
21/30 spawntimes
Radar is the best map in ET by a longshot. It never needed a rework (unlike goldrush) and was played in leagues since day 1.
However I always liked sw_goldrush_te (and even the old goldrush). I was also big fan of railgun and sw_oasis_te.
There was this map called Haemar_a11, we played a showmatch againts TAG on this map and all of us LOVED the map. It's a shame it never made it to CB/ESL other cups maplist.
In case of 3on3s the first stage of adlernest is exactly what all maps in all games should be - obj placed somewhere in the middle, all ranges with majority of medium ones, relatively big but you can reach any point pretty quickly, minimum amound of choke points, a lot of space to work with yet still easy to control. Specific elements are not really better than other maps, but this part is doing everything just right. The only problem with adlernest is that it's too short and too random at the 2nd stage, it should be a 3-stages map like supply or bremen, but that will require to redevelop almost entire map.
About ET maps in general, whenever i play any other online FPS, i see how awful map development is and how much could they still learn from a 15 years old game.
amound xDDDDD
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These experiences are mainly based on 3on3

Remove all CP beeping sounds from maps, its annoying to listen to and adds nothing to game.
Spawntimes 19/29 or 19/31 (primes).
Reduce engineer nades from 4 to 3.
Remove the gib/forcetapout "bugfix" that prevents tapping out for a second if u get gibbed.

Remove MG from tank.
Increase spawn times to 25 and 35.
Remove CP requirement for forward spawn - grant it for free when tank is escorted.

Replace ladder to CP with a ramp of some sorts. Grant CP spawn for free once service has been blown (no CP requirement anymore).

Delete from mappool.

Perfection. Maybe increase truck splines (smoother to move, like goldrush truck).
Delete from mappool.

viSual intensifies
It's simply a boring, one-dimensional map, and can't be fixed without major overhaul. 25/35 spawntimes might benefit that map as well, though.
It also makes me extremely claustrophobic. The rooms and corridors are all just way too tiny, and there are too many of them. If the 1st and 2nd room to the button were just one big room, and all the doorways were a bit larger I might actually enjoy the map.
Hey I still agree to play the map every time, I just don't like it much. :D
fuck that shit fucktwat cunt shit boring map that requires no fucking shittwatfuckcunt tactics timing brain execution, fuck

i admire ppl like you that react so nice when tgere is talk about sp_dicknibbelly_te
For bremen, I made the wooden barrier to axis spawn destructible with dynamite:
radar the worst map?
brah its by FAR the best map
Or people could have trained on indeed those possible “difficult” situations and try harder hehehe
What really suprised me was how rtcw got all their original maps so right for competitive play.
perfection is usaly an accident

thats how i was made
"radar - imo the absolutely worst map due to how big it is and how incredibly annoying it is to get somewhere - it can take half of your spawn to get somewhere and while you try to get there, you are getting short from far away (not everyone is gav's level of speed) "

lol, no. good map. oasis was great also. seems like you havent played oasis at all, if u are blaming radar of those things. NEWSCHOOL LOL, 2018 AND NEWSCHOOL LOL
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