Is ET still here?


I haven't played ET for years anymore but i used to spend quite a lot of hours on it. So my question is if its still possible to find any 3v3 of 6v6 games anymore and if so where? still on IRC or somewhere else. If theres anybody that would concider playing a game with me that would make me very happy eventho im more than likely not the best player ever at the moment.

Many of us hang out on schNee's channel:
New channel we created to Make ET great again:
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Some of us often gather on one of zenix's teamspeaks:

We usually play 3on3 mixes, or sometimes 5on5 or 6on6 if there are plenty of people, trying to make fairly even teams.
Will check it out for sure when ive gotten a mic
more alive than Dirty Bomb
schöne grüße von dane
hast du keine Kamele zum beaufsichtigen?
actual I think etpro is very inactive. Less active Teams, tournaments, etc. just the public Servers are ok.

If you want to have some fun go Play for Rating or I would recommend you to Play on Silent Mod transitionally.
or here if you want FriendlyFire disabled

Also a nice way to get back to game when you was long time inactive
Been playing on team muppet en hbc a bit.
No, ET go home.
did he atleast get to use the phone first?
No ET went away.
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