need help with spawntimer

Hey guys,

Have gotten back to ET after a long time and while constructing a cfg for myself I faced the problem of creating a working spawntimer. I have found some spawntimers in configs on, but I can't figure out how they work.

Can anyone please help?


Quotebind N "timerset x;echo ^p//^wAllies Spawned"
bind M "timerset x;echo ^p//^wAxis Spawned"
bind . "timerset 0;echo ^p//^wSpawntimer Reset"
thanks :P if it's this easy, than I don't understand why people have these extremely elaborate scripts
you can also make a cycle like:
set timer1 "timerset 30; set timer vstr timer2"
set timer2 "timerset 20; set timer vstr timer3"
set timer3 "timerset 35; set timer vstr timer4"
set timer4 "timerset 25; set timer vstr timer5"
set timer5 "timerset 15; set timer vstr timer1"
set timer "vstr timer1"
bind m "vstr timer"
bind n "resettimer"
where you need only 2 buttons to control any amount of different spawntimes.
I don't know which scripts you're referring to, but some people have scripts that allow them to share the spawntime on teamchat without needing to type it in a chatbox (essentially very elaborate binds, and rather useless these days with timerset added to etpro.)

There are also autoexec_mapname.cfg setups that allow you only press one button without needing to cycle through your spawntime binds when setting the spawntime. Those actually are useful since you save yourself from binding an unnecessary key, and you can trust that any time you set the spawntimer you're setting the correct one.
Having a script that loads the automatic spawntimes for axis/allies on a specific map is quite easy
amigo how can i do it.. iam not a master in creating something like cfg etc..
create .cfg file of the map where you want the specific spawntimes (e.g. autoexec_adlernest.cfg)

Put in this (into autoexec_adlernest.cfg) :
set spt_axis "timerset 30; cmd say_buddy [INSERT WHAT YOU WANT TEAM CHAT] ;echo "[INSERT ECHO MSG].""
set spt_allies "timerset 20;cmd say_buddy [INSERT WHAT YOU WANT TEAM CHAT];echo "[INSERT ECHO MSG].""

Then create 2 .cfg (autoexec_allies.cfg / autoexec_axis.cfg)

Put this into:
1) autoexec_allies.cfg
set spawningtime "vstr spt_axis"

bind h"vstr spt_axis"

2) autoexec_axis.cfg
set spawningtime "vstr spt_allies"
bind h"vstr spt_allies"

And you're ready to go
thats just for adlernest , right?
yeah, if you want other maps just create autoexec_supply / autoexec_sw_goldrush_te or whatever and put in the first two messages + the spawntimes you want for axis/allies
bind mouse5 "vstr timerSet-time; vstr enemy-spawned; play sound/menu/select.wav"
bind h "vstr timerSet-toggle"
set enemy-spawned "echo ^1~^7Enemy Spawned^1~;say_team ^1~^7Enemy Spawned^1~"
set timerSet-time "timerSet 20"
set timerSet-toggle "vstr timerSet30"
set timerSet-TimerInput "openTimerInput; set timerSet-time resetTimer; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSetxx"
set timerSet20 "set timerSet-time timerSet 20; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSet25; echo ^7>^1>^7Timer Set^1: ^720; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timerSet25 "set timerSet-time timerSet 25; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSet30; echo ^7>^1>^7Timer Set^1: ^725; play sound/menu/select.wav"
set timerSet30 "set timerSet-time timerSet 30; set timerSet-toggle vstr timerSet20; echo ^7>^1>^7Timer Set^1: ^730; play sound/menu/select.wav"
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