ET on Steam?

Hello friends,

I'm bored at work and stumbled upon crossfire again and I noticed a very firm wish to get ET active again. Mainly by superb content creator [flag=dunnothecodeformarseille]LeFrancis looking for ways to make ET accessible.

So I wondered what one would have to do to get ET on Steam, since its probably the biggest platform for games and also helped old games like AoE 2 to get popular once more. I think that ET being on Steam would have the biggest impact to increase the playerbase. And it's also very easy to play online which would make searching wars on IRC irreleveant. Of course someone would have to make some sort of client for that.

Now, I'm not a smart man. So who would you have to actually ask to make something like that happen? It's probably not going to happen, but I like to dream.

Have a nice day
Yo m8,

This should answer your question:
QuoteAcizAujourd'hui à 11:41
Zenimax didn't approve, which holds the rights for the game iirc
francisAujourd'hui à 11:44
and they still hold these rights or?
kemonAujourd'hui à 12:00
Yes, they do.
The game data (mainly assets like textures, sounds, models) are still protected by the EULA
To get on steam we need to republish thrm for what we do not have the rights
francisAujourd'hui à 12:17
ok I see
EnsiformAujourd'hui à 16:08
Nobody knows if zenimax never approved
But they won't sign off on it because they can't make money from it
And it costs money to have it put on steam

Marseille = me ;{D
Additional info:

QuoteThe price is right. Steam Direct, Valve's upcoming replacement for Steam Greenlight, will require a fee of just $100 for developers to publish their games on Steam, the company announced today. As previously announced, a developer will have to pay the fee for each game they want to release on Steam.
Thx man. 100 $ sounds manageable through donations and stuff.
lol I'll pay the $100 myself if guaranteed it will be on steam
it would certainly be nice but was already tried by Baggiez in 2011 when ET was much more active... not sure that we have anything to offer now that we didn't have back then x10
Did you atleast get an answer? If so why did they refuse to get ET on Steam?
It's the same thing as mentioned to you at first, it was only the rights for the game.
Wont happen as long as ZeniMax continues to make new games in the Wolfenstein IP.
or next level: request youtubers like ninja for Gameplay Videos
enough reach :D
we Need a good moviemaker to make a game content trailer for ET so newcomers will have a better Picture of ET!
I guess there is at least one youtuber for each Country who could upload one ET Video.. could be someone with 10k followers.. so we also grow our international community.
yes because ninja will play a game for pennies :D
maybe he will for vaginas
he wont even play fortnite with bitches in case it gets seen as hes flirting or might upset his wife, he won't play a game for vaginas
It was a joke cause you said "pennies" ahahah im such a joker.
image: tenor
you're weird also let the game rip been dead for longer than my love life fs
ET was alive at one point though.
so was my penis
I like to dream as well. Good luck to the relevant people trying to execute the plan.
You should join us to some very intense gayming sessions on schNee's discord. We make ET great again on a regular basis.
Agree. Besides that, fortnite is becoming worse by week. You dont need skill anymore, noob friendly game.
Agree. I quit fortnite a while ago now
Same bro :D
For those who use discord, join schnee's channel for some mixes at least.
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