A slow tear falls down the left cheek as I see the names that are in the past scroll by. A melancholic yet fuzzy warm feeling grabs hold of me. I seem to recall the past, it was great, if not the greatest time I've been alive. The world is so different now, work, home, friends and everything else keeps you just on the edge, enough not to jump and too much to keep it all in. Best memories, good game, it was fun till it lasted. RIP RTCW <3

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Same feelings!
Hello PleaseDontShoot,

Shut the fuck up.

Sincerely yours
Happy to see you alive, keep rolling <3
hey you
Where is my new ETPRO?
what does it mean?
deep shit
True :-)
sad but true : ((
Legends are never forgotten, come around sometimes :)
do it

this is a suicide note innit?
yo bud <3
bordel le vrai Ant7ho?
on me dit dans l'oreillette que c'est le vrai en effet :{D
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