Mouse problem

my mouse freezes randomly which is very annoying when in games looked up online but didn't get anything that fixed it even tried a new mouse but same problem i've got windows 10

Please send helps!
Isnt your pc pretty full ? This could have an influence on your lags.
pc isn't full and it's just randomly freezes not lags
Did you try to bet mouse yesteday becous he dont think?

On a serious note if you have logitech did you try that registrery thing fix which I forgot the name... What about drivers?
razer diamondback and ive tried drivers uninstall and install again apparently it's a big problem with windows 10 tho
update bios
no clue how to do that haha
is that an actual thing i can do that will fix my mouse problem?
Probably better to try to troubleshoot it a bit more.

For example, did this start after some change you made, or just randomly, or has it always been like this on the PC you're using?

Also, have you tried using RInput? Might help to rule out the creators' update bug Urbi linked.

Or could be that mouse hertz are really low and DPI is really high, that caused something similar for me.

Also some people have this issue whenever they get a message on Steam or TS3 while they have a game running.
Change batteries
Overloaded processor, shit sensor, broken mouse, mouse drivers, dirty sensor lens, sensor bug.
"even tried a new mouse but same problem"

With that information, most of your guesses are very unlikely.
both mice could be razer, they have a lot of flawed models and razer drivers are known to cause a lot of issues.
Very far-fetched. :D
Whatever, i've named possible issues regardless of the probablity.
Broken USB port?
thats still the wrong hole buddy, thats why ur mouse is rip

whats the right hole you ask? everyone knows thers only one real holeKappaPride
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