Thanks guys for the memories

Just saw Tosspots Journal which is pretty funny considering i was bored at work and via youtube fragmovies ended up on crossfire for the first time in 7 years or whatever.

Justt thought i'd chime in to say i still sometimes miss the game and moreso some of the friends i made that just seem to have faded from my world (for which i am probably more to blame than i'd like to admit). Also my friend that is no longer with us (for the sake of privacy i will not say which ET player this is) i miss you dearly.

The LAN's were immense, it was always great fun meeting fellow nerds and getting utterly fucked out of my mind.

I'm really thankful for the good times and the friends i still talk to regularly whom i've met on several occasions.
After the birth of my daughter recently i get to spend precious little time gaming but whenever i do play videogames sometimes i think back to all of you and well all of (for lack of better word) this and i'm proud to have been part of it all.

I saw a few OG names whilst browsing and them i salute. It was also refreshing to see some names that i hardly recognize or who were mere noobs when i was playing still being around. You guys carried on the torch for very long as far as i can tell, so kudo's to you youngsters!

Thanks to everybody, my old teammates (who i'm sure won't even read this) and especially TosspoT for making it all possible.

Much love,

Was good to have met you. Shame we haven't spoke. For the last 8 years or so. Hope you're well.
We had some fucking giggles tho didn't we? :D I've been fine, enjoying life really so haven't even missed ET that much. Just the occasional itch and melancholy of a simpler time...

How have you been? :)
Loving life mate. I just wish I had et to fall back on like once or twice a month for fun. However there's no place to find 6 vs 6 games or any cups to sign up to. You still on Facebook?
Hey Xo, nice you see u here^^
the name rings a bell
Hi Ted :)
Xo! Xo!
I think we only managed to play together a few times (10 fucking years ago) but enjoyed every second. Was always nice to see you on the opposing team after that :)
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