Join discord, the new irc?

I assume the journal from TosspoT made more impact on the replies than he thought so, but when u go over the IRC and see how poor the state is there, u do realize the activity is pretty much dead. Most of the ppl picked up Discord by now and are quite familiar by it, so we also made some servers up where majority or at least a lot of ppl are hanging out, whilst trying to get some games going from time to time.

Anyone who would still be interested in playing occasionally from time to time some wars or just chatting with some ppl they want to get in contact with, join up at discord :

Also there are sometimes gathering on Teamspeak for games as well: hyperion-gaming.Net:9991

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#LesLongsCanons sisi
Sisi on est dans la place !
You forgot the Adlernest comic !
You can also join our [dd] discord. Full of well-known (pub) players. Always fun in our chats, sometimes a little bit spam.
Besides that we try to do some scrims daily. Everyone is welcome.

>< "Where legends were born"
Created for you RTCW/ET guys a public TS3 Server where players can talk together/play some games and have a lot of fun (ofc for guys who prefer ts3 than discord ^^)
feel free to pm me if you want a private channel, special server groups or icons :) if we get this server full with 64 slots, I'll upgrade to 500 :)
There is also a music bot in main hall, who is protecting you guys from ddos attacks or any cheaters or w/e and welcomes you with relaxing deep house music in main hall :-)
you can also create your own channel when you join, just right click->create channel

this is the ip:
join [dd] discord boys uYop got a beautiful voice
Praise Feuersturm
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