RTCW Troubleshoot FAQ

So a lot of ppl pm'ed me with RTCW install and config issues. Here is a FAQ with the most common problems:

I need RTCW, where can i find a handy preinstalled version with mods and maps?
Mirror 1: http://wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=4470
Mirror 2: http://homie1337.bestmail.ws/rtcw/misc/RtCW14pack.exe

Issues with CD Key (kicked on server with empty cd key etc):
- Generate a cdkey with the ETKeyGen: http://etkey.org/
- save it as rtcwkey put it in your main folder ("RTCWGAMEFOLDER/main/rtcwkey")

Issues with Punkbuster not running etc:
Run PB Svc Installer (as administrator, from Start Menu) and install services (ignore possible errors).
This is located in your base/root RTCW folder

Getting kicked by punkbuster:
check console and fix your cvars! make sure to do vid_restart after changing values

I got framerate (FPS) issues:
- com_maxfps 125;vid_restart
- disable vertical synch on your Nvidia/ATI card settings
- r_swapinterval 0 (disable vsynch)
- r_primitives 2 (fps issue fix)
- r_displayrefresh 0 (how much hz synch)

How can i get fullscreen without blackbars for 16:9?
r_mode -1; r_customwidth 1920; r_customheight 1080; vid_restart

try this possibly too if you still have issues:
- r_fullscreen 1
- put your resolution ingame to your native desktop resolution
- Put your windows scaling windows to 100%: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/increase-text-size-computer

Everytime i change my config nothing changes:
Your config file might be read only. This happens a lot when RTCW is somewhere in program files in windows.
Try moving your entire RTCW folder to your documents or desktop for example

Issues with running RTCW with steam:
Don't use steam app to launch rtcw. Use the WolfMP.exe directly to launch RTCW

I have negative mouseaccel or my mouse feels laggy:
Use the RInput program. This will let RTCW use 1:1 raw mouse input. Be sure to run it as administrator, or else it might not work
How to: Run RTCW, open RInput as administrator
Download link: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1656-rinput/

How the hell can i use mouse4 and 5 in RTCW?
Unlike ET, on RTCW you can't bind them directly. You can however rebind mouse4 and 5 to another key on your keyboard with XMouseButtonControl

Where can i find a good config?

Give me that handy RTCW minimizer, im tired of alt +enter

How can i spawn at different places in RTCW?
/setspawnpt 0:
Default spawn

/setspawnpt 2: (Mostly start spawn or alternative start spawn)
Beach, axis lower bunker
Beach, allies beach
Frostbite, axis garage
Frostbite, allies baracks huts
Ice, axis south spawn

/setspawnpt 5:
Beach axis barracks

/setspawnpt 101:
Beach, Allies sniper hill,
Ice, Allies south spawn hut (doesnt always work, depends on score and amount of players)

Where can i find maps to download?
Nice one homie :)
Well done homie!
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