I heard some rumors from specific persons about a "Last" LAN.
Just wanted to discuss with you guys about the activity till the LAN. Also what would be the best way to increase it till the LAN.
a competition ? onedaycups?
Showmatch towards the LAN?
seeding tournaments? competitions?
Online tournaments seem like the best idea. Show matches should be regarded separated from all the other competative formats.

We'll try to post a journal today or tomorrow.
Hows that going so far?
Figured that I'm too busy mid weeks. So I'll work on it on Sundays. Was meant for last week, but for some reason the website was properly available last Sunday.
nations cup and champions league
will need to reinstall ET. poke - avi
as juicy would say "good effort" but this game is dead already


down for ODCs
jk down for OCDs
Obnoxious Czech douchebags?

Make it 5vs5. Ppl can say what ever they want but at least for me cic7 was the best lan. Also a sponsor would be very needed. It's 2018,the prizepools should be higher than 10 years ago.
gotta break even amirite
I don't care about that, I just want active skilled teams that make the competition interesting. It's just a fact that bigger prizepool attracts more "good" players and therefore more viewers. It was also like that before the death of ET, money speaks. Also eSport grew 10-50 times bigger in the last 10 years, so it shouldn't be an impossible task to find sponsors.
What’s with all that twitch streamer? They can easily pull out a donation for next lan. They got most follower on here.
Planning to get big streamer in fortnite en then casually play ET LUL
QuoteI don't care about that, I just want active skilled teams that make the competition interesting.

Proceeds to make one team out of about 10-15 greatly skilled players because they are too lazy to play against each-other
Also, it's easier to bring 5o5 teams than 6o6 :p
What would any sponsor gain from investing money into an ET LAN? 350 viewers on Twitch, like 1000 clicks on the newspost, a social media reach of ~300 organic impressions.

For that kind of reach I would pay you 25-50€ and that only because ET has target audience of people >23<45 (sry to the youngsters and the old guys) who have more money to spend than f.e. the Fortnite target group.

Or you take the opposite approach and invest 250k+€ in the hope to generate enough interest/hype to make it worth your money but in my (fairly educated) opinion that process wouldn't even work to generate enough hype for ET to even earn back a fraction of the investment.

Imo there are only two ways to make a "big" ET LAN possible:

1. Community
People fund the event through crowdfunding, high entry fees, viewing passes, referal models, whatever way there is to get money out of the people who love this game.
This would be a great way to make it happen but it would also be prone to split the community in terms of "Oh, this guy only came to take the prizepool but didnt even participate in the financing of the event while others who didnt even stand a chance of winning gave so much more, blabla". I guess you get my point.

2. Splash Damage
I would point out a few things the publishers could do like a remaster or whatever and a few others things they could do to finance a game they never made any money with and probably never will but that is so unlikely that I wont bother and this comment already got longer than I intended and I need to get going.

If anyone wants to organize anything for ET/Crossfire, HMU, if you dont have my contacts, I'm pretty sure you know someone who has them.
Good input.

ET lans had sponsors before: Devotii and Intel. So why it wouldn't be possible when eSports is bigger than ever? These lans had COD4 that prolly brought the sponsors tho.

Why not add another game? Quake Champions and/or League of Legends or even COD312 :D? More work ofc, but the event might end up being a success, even for the organizers.
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