ET Legacy Mode 3v3

Hey boys,

So with some other ET Legacy mode players (mainly Mac users who are unable to play ET Pro) we are trying to organize ourselves and once in while play 3v3 competitive games (low+ max).

We are getting help from TM (Team Muppet) i.e. a server and working on the competitive settings and were wandering if anyone would like to help (with server set up or anyhting) would be great!

For now we are looking a link to download 3v3 and 6v6 cfg :)

All the best guys!
paging dr. Finlandhazz paging dr. Finlandhazz
cum in dr.Finlandhazz
Too bad it's low+ max else I would have played :S :S :S
I thought u were on server and got owned :O
Probably one of my fanboys, I've been cklubbing every night over the last 2 months...
My skill dropped because of this now I'm only high- :S
Someone on the ETL discord might be able to help.
Thanks mate
Ok we might be med- !
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