LAN team

Seeing as I KNOW that will manage to gather 6 people without an problems I have decided to start something up myself to boost the numbers up (Hopefully!)

I know we dont have dates yet but I can almost 100% confirm I will be there as I am flexible as f.

NOTE: Probably won't practice seriously. But be good enough to lay some smack down at the bar after the game. What I would ideally want is to make a team of players and get a 6 bed place on airbnb so we can get on the beer at 6am when we wake up till 6am when we don't actually go to sleep!

My main aim of this is to beat as I want to stab them in the back. PM me here or find me on discord.
Obviously we are shook by the betrayal of one of our stalwart members, former human Europe potty. resolve to continue fighting the good fight. #potexit
Have fun competing with oc division 7 lineup punk. #followRshit
2018 will not end without e-drama.
I am literally going to ram a dozen frogs legs down your neck followed by my cock. Heard you French boys love frogs and dick for dinner.
A woman (very close to you) who wants to stay anonymous had the following to say:
QuoteI'm not sure if I've ever had sex with Potty as I couldnt find his genitals. He said it's because of the cold weather but we have a heater at home.
Carla said she would never disclose this info. I will have to have words with her... And to think she was going to share my bed at lan. This is unacceptable.
It's awesome to see that people are trying to team up. Hope it will work out potty
No it's not. THIS is a violent backstab to the best esports cklub since 2008
Have been inactive for loads of time. But I'm really digging some fucking ET lately. For old times sake, I'm in if you want me bro!
Can easily destroy you at the bar before and after the game. AVI for anything
Stib and felix are in boys. stand no chance now boys.
I can't aim but I can shit talk, sign me up
You're in my friend. Was a good laugh last lan!
Lack of phantasy? Not my problem.
Too bad 1/3 of your team won't even reach the lan center LOL

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