Craving for ET

Yo Crossfire,

No clue if any of you stilll know me, but lately I've been watching some cool recorded games on YouTube, and definitely don't forget the RTCW cup that was going on last sunday with TosspoT casting. Holy shit, that was some drawback to the good old times.

Anyway, does anyone know a good server to play on nowadays or even better, some regular pracs, teams or scrims I could participate in? Used to be quite decent at the game and would like to play with some people that know their way around they game.

Also, I'm extremely available for that new LAN coming up. Used to hold my own as a rifle in the last EuroCup I played, could also play Engineer or Medic pretty well too!

P.S.: Someone said they're trying to make a remake of RTCW in 2019? Might've been trolled. Would like to know if that's true haha!


16 for scrims daily To check what servers is filled. Mostly 2 named HBC and Hirntot. Rest is all jaymod, silent , no quarter.
Dag owner!
b1bub4bu made you famous. We know you.
ejga usenajbolse :D
here's a list with active servers:
unfortunatly the only ET pro public servers remaining (HBC/hirntot) are the ones that suck the most, with mortars and shits
I can get one cheap with my ts server but I got no idea how to set it up
The problem here are players willing to play on it consistently. Klientpro was pretty active and now it's empty for over a year now. There were already a few failed attempts to run ET pro public server like snatix's one.
and atleast one dedicated mine engi
Hey stib! Player from right? I remember you. We will host some tournaments in 2019. So please be a little bit more patient and keep that feeling, then we'll provide you with what you need.
I'll be patient :(
I remember you and reVo playing a lot with us back in the days ;)
gl mate! long fucking time no see^^
oh hi pwner
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