LAN name? Your vote counts!

Anticipated LAN date: 17-19th of May 2019
Anticipated location: Krefeld, Germany Germany

Now that the dust slowly starts to clear out, it is time to act right and proceed. We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of support and interest generated throughout the last weeks. We have a lot of confidence in a successful event.

Furthermore, we have received suggestions for potential LAN names. To us it is highly important to make this a community event. Therefore, we made a selection of the top two picks and would like to hear your voice in what name you think is most fitting. Please cast your vote here:

Please keep in mind that it is good chance this will be the last LAN event hosted for our beloved game Enemy Territory. The title should include both this feeling of nostalgia, but also consider the fact that the experienced and friendships created are forever. Thank you!

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever
best game for the ETernity :'(
damn, both are fine :D
50/50 with 17 votes each

Tbh ETernity sounds amazing !! *_*
I like This is ET :)
this is ET?

image: 1f9
This would have been without a doubt the winner, too bad it's too late now
"Der ET untergang"
ET go home
E.T. - prone home
ETernity is good :-)
there will be another lan again in Tokyo 2k19 spring & winter, they added W:ET as game!!
discord (C4 ET LAN):
discord (Event Admins)
they added W:ET as game!!

maybe possible to contact them for a bigger viewer peak/ more teams/ purse / future plans?

Booked plane ticket, lets bo goys
cu there for some sushi
Let's send team!
I want to see turbot there!!
Fucking hell, ET lan on my birthday

Atleast I can get forever called the biggest nerd who celebrated his birthday with random people off the internet playing a 16years old game
unless you won't come
Brooo, don't have that old mind set please. It will be your best birthday to date. The nerd-stuff we said when we were 16 year old.
You literally lied to your real life friends about going to a lan lmaooo
That's right. These days I ain't anymore. It's about developing a personality.
you won't come anyway lOl

ps: i went to a LAN on my birthday, u mirin?
I remember buying Rahul his first beer when he turned 18 at cic7. What an event that was
that's a cool memory to have tbf
that's a cool memory to have tbf
Brithday or not, you'll be called that regardless.

Looking forward to the picture
getting the lan dodge excuses ready early I see
- i can't come, i have to celebrate my birthday with aunt Branislava
- i don't get days off from work
- i have an important exam on saturday
- i will undergo an urethral swab on friday

pick one
- i can't find anyone to play with because i play solo
TSB - Team Solo Bobika
This is missing "Two becks and one lemon please"
this should be more like "This was ET"
If you have a possiblity to start a decent public server with a nice map rotation then I think that would be a huge step to getting abit of the community back together.
Nowadays its just a pain in the ass to find a decent public.
I tried to play abit a week ago and eventually I downloaded more mods and packs than i was able to play.
give me links for cfg‘s/Maps I will buy one!
Was thinking about that just need suggestions/wishes from players!
HBC is the only viable option really, eventho the scripts absolutely fuck the lag out of the server & the retarded "not allowed to selfkill" ruins the enjoyment altogether
+1 lio :D Hirntot and the other retard public sucks! need a better public server
what times the fortnite tournament at lan?
+1 Fortnite > ET
Calling some Poland Finland TSB members here: @toNy @lEku @WuT @dialer @Abj @hunter
Avi if someone can sponsor my ass

image: E0dl1pD
avi if i can get days off from work. will ask after the date is confirmed
ETernity 4sure, other one is cringy af
"never happened"

is been 2 years and y'all dead raise the fuck up :(
Both suck maybe call it " finishing last at lan lolol francois massive frog eating nerd wanker lan part 1"? ¿? ¿?
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