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Hello fellow nerds, non nerds, cklubbers and certified real life nerds, since there has been an increased activity in last weeks due to ETernity cup annoucement and a lot of people came from their caves lurking again to see whats happening here, some of you probably wonder how to get some games going on, since IRC is pretty much dead.

Nowadays most of folks who are still somewat active use discord for communication and teamspeak to gather up to play some games so to anyone who came back and wishes to get some games going on, whatever format u want to play, we cover it, u can join our discord channel where u will get to meet nerds, cool kids and even legends all in one place.

So if u are either wondering where to see those old faces again or just want to play some casual scrims, this place is sure the first to look at.

Join discord for some pew pew

If u are too cool for all the above but still want to play games, join this teamspeak hyperion-gaming.Net:9991 and someone will surely pick u up for games.

Hey you!
in case that link has only 1 day expiration:
can I have a fresh invite link please?! <3
pls tell me if it works :D
Informative journal, nice one
appreciating comment, keep on going
im good fellow slowenian mate. looking forward to playing ET again. what about you?
ich bin good, bitte. we sure will face on battlefield!
This post should be pinned. +1
I am MarseilleLeFrancis - CEO at professional esports cklub since 2008 and I approve this journal.
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