RtCW 3v3 Winter Cup!

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3v3 Winter RtCW Cup!
Feb 10th 2019
Will start early-mid afternoon.
Player built teams.
Max roster size: 3
Maps pool: Ice, Frostbite, Escape, Beach, te_complex_b1
North American servers.
Euros are more than welcome
Sign-up goal: 8 teams. Currently : 5

Notice: The following format is a goal not a promise. If sign-ups are poor, the tournament will be truncated to a one day bracket sans group play.
Alternatively, if sign-ups are greater in quality or quantity than expected, adjustments may be needed.

In an effort to maximize the number of competitive games a given team will play regardless of skill level, this tournament will use a Swiss style group stage to seed and divide the teams into two separate brackets: Champions Bracket and Consolation Bracket.
This will allow lower skilled teams to play through a bracket of similar ranked players while still providing a venue for the best players to compete against each other. However, this format does not completely segregate the teams as they will play each other in groups.
In short, it's an attempt to be inclusive without being heavy handed.

Captains can sign up by messaging one of the admins with full roster and team name.

Players without a team are encoraged to message the admins to be placed on a public "Available" list.

This is an admittedly contrived format. Any suggestions, questions, comments, concerns, insults or grief are welcome and can be voiced @nifwl or via pm.
Implementation of Swiss style stage.
First round, teams will be paired via slide pairing. Assume 8 teams: 1v5, 2v6, 3v7, 4v8
In the second round winners play winners and losers play losers. In the third round people who have won 2 rounds (2/0's) will play other people who have won 2 rounds, 1/1's will play other 1/1's and 0/2's will play other 0/2's.
In this way, as the tournament progresses, you play people closer to your own skill level.
Day 1: Swiss style (3 Rounds)

Teams will intially be seeded by eye
2 maps selected by pick, pick.
ABBA on both maps.
Double full hold awards one point to both teams.
Teams accumulate points for wins and draws which determine seeding for bracket stage.
2 pts for win, 1 pt for draw and 0 pts for loss.

Day 2: Brackets
Single elimination

More teams have sign up & the date for cup has been changed to a later time. Sign up today!

European Dreams: Murkey, Parcher, Kylie
WE HATE YOU: Cypher, Corpse, Virus
1.0k: Kittens, Reker, Tragic
Ambulance Chasers: Eternal, TBA, TBA
desu: risk, fro, TBA

Players looking for a team:
gl nifwl!
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