P stands for Practise

iOWN is in need of a very intense nerd period.
Is your team 6on6 verified and ready for the battleground?
Feel free to pm or write down what day your team would like to practise your finger and palmmovements??
Please note: Teams only and nerds only.

Haha A stands for Approved title
T stands for twitch.tv/outlAwryy
P also stand for penis and pussy. Coincidence? I dont think so.
Didn't you already add s1lent to the lu?
I can start playing vs you on weekends but not this weekend as I am flying out today and I'll return Tuesday
Team iNfeCted ready for you!
Wanneer kunnen jullie
Zondagen beste denk ik!
Hans Sarpei - Das T steht für Coach.
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